The Bacon Brothers

Release: 7/8/2022

Label: FOROSOCO Music, Soundly Music

Michael and Kevin Bacon turn a new page with their eleventh release, Erato, whose five songs showcase the duo at their diverse peak. It's an EP of dynamic contrasts: quiet moments and big payoffs, organic instrumentation and electronic textures, self-penned songs and high-profile collaborations. Joined by songwriting legend Desmond Child, producer Joe Nicolo, and other collaborators, The Bacon Brothers veer from the stripped-back soul of "Dark Chocolate Eyes" to the pop-friendly modern rock of "In Memory (Of When I Cared)," proving their staying power once again. 

  1. In Memory (Of When I Cared)
  2. Dark Chocolate Eyes
  3. Let Me Happen To You Girl
  4. Erato
  5. Karaoke Town

The Way We Love

The Bacon Brothers

Release: 7/17/2020
Label: Forosoco Records, Soundly Music

The Way We Love contains a series of songs that explore those intimate relationships with the people and ideals that become a source of both purpose and passion. The album contains ten tracks, seven of which were produced by the brothers, two by Philadelphia producer/engineer Joe Nicolo, one produced by Saverio Principini. Two of the exceptional offerings were recorded live at Sony Hall in New York City. It’s also one of their most emotionally charged collections to date, and one of their most dynamic and diverse as well.

The Bacon Brothers

The Bacon Brothers

Release: 4/25/2018
Label: Forosoco Records


The Bacon Brothers

Release: 9/16/2014
Label: Forosoco Records / MRI

Philadelphia Road (Best Of)

The Bacon Brothers

Release: 7/31/2011
Label: Hypertension

New Years Day

The Bacon Brothers

Release: 3/24/2009
Label: Hypertension / Soulfood
  1. New Year's Day
  2. Go My Way (The iPod Song)
  3. Almost Got Rich
  4. Bunch Of Words
  5. Bitter Man
  6. Tell Me What I Have To Do
  7. Architeuthis
  8. Children
  9. Eye Of The Storm
  10. Wild Life
  11. Kikko's Song

White Knuckles

The Bacon Brothers

Release: 10/25/2005
Label: SpinART Records / Forosoco Records
  1. What Am I Gonna Do?
  2. Flowers
  3. Unhappy Birthday
  4. Peace Dance
  5. Tuesday
  6. Playboy
  7. Coffins And Cradles
  8. Swing Low
  9. Hasn't Got A Heart
  10. If I Needed Someone
  11. I'd Write A Song
  12. Good News
  13. Get Away With It
  14. John's Song

The Bacon Brothers Live - No Food Jokes Tour

The Bacon Brothers

Release: 11/11/2003
Label: Image Entertainment

Can't Complain

The Bacon Brothers

Release: 6/26/2001
Label: Zoe/Rounder

Getting There

The Bacon Brothers

Release: 8/31/1999
Label: Bluxo
  1. Ten Years In Mexico
  2. Arm Wrestling Woman
  3. Don't Look Back
  4. Getting There
  5. When You Decide You've Stayed Too Long
  6. T.M.I.
  7. It's A Rocky Road
  8. Not Born To Beauty
  9. Chop Wood
  10. Don't Lose Me Baby
  11. Strung Out
  12. July Away
  13. Jersey Girl
  14. City Of Fear
  15. Angelina


The Bacon Brothers

Release: 11/4/1997
Label: Bluxo

The title Forosoco is derived from the first two letters of each musical genre the Bacon Brothers tackle -- in other words, folk, rock, soul and country.

  1. Old Guitars
  2. Woman's Got A Mind To Change
  3. Grey-Green Eyes
  4. Only A Good Woman
  5. Brown Eyes
  6. Boys In Bars
  7. Memorize
  8. Guess Again (The KJ's Song)
  9. Live With The Lie
  10. Adirondack Blue
  11. Rainy Day Man
  12. Babies Are Born Happy
  13. K9 Love